Training the space Generation
Uni project – Oct 2014

The task: Make people want to go to Mars.

My way of getting people to Mars was less to do with making people want to go to Mars, and more to the effect of simply making people go to Mars through conscription.

Once a child enters secondary school, training for the DAWN program begins. Until you turn 18 and go to Mars to be part of one of three factions for at least four years and possibly the rest of your life (depending on how the whole recovery of earth's ecosystem goes).


Do you want to be at the forefront of discovery? Join research and develop new technology, explore Mars and make life science fact. You'll get the chance to work with the world's leading scientists. You may even get the chance to experiment with top secret technology.


Are you an adventurer? Join Exploration and explore all four corners of Mars. You could be at the very front of discovery, exploring caves, scaling mountains and pushing the human body to the limits in a new environment with 1/3rd of Earth's gravity.


Do you love humanity? Join Community and shape society on Mars, care for the people who inhabit the planet and cultivate food on the wasteland plains of Mars and provide entertainment and vital cultural events to keep moral on Mars on a constant high.