What can Yellow do?
Uni project – Oct 2013

The task:Research into Yellow and make something

My research took me all the way from colour recognition technology, to the benefits of eating yellow fruit and veg. And so, I picked the veg, not the man with a camera sticking out of his head (even though it was really cool).

Now I just needed to create visuals of yellow fruit which relate to the diseases.

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dip pen w/ flat nib

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Causes Erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.
Nuff said

Macular Degeneration is an age relatedcondition that causes your central vision to gradually deteriorate.

Scurvy is caused by the lack of Vitamin C and is evident in varioussymptoms like swelling of the gums, red dots on the skin and muscle and joint pain.

last but by no means least the message, quick, snappy, play on words:

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