The Real Cornwall

Finding the True Identity of Cornish
Uni project – Sept 2014

with Sam Stephenson

The task: Find what makes cornwall so unique and display it in a single photographic image.

There was a group of people who would swim in the sea every day of the year (or near enough). These people must be dedicated to making the most out of every single day, and that's what we're looking for.
We went into town to buy a waterproof film camera and Sam booked a GoPro out from Penryn Campus.

Morning 1

We got there too late, the swimmers were just leaving as we arrived, so we took the opportunity to do a practice shoot, finding out what worked, what didn't, and whether to use the GoPro or not.

Copyright Luke Evans and Sam Stephenson 2016 - Contenders

Morning 2

This time we made sure we got to the beach on time. Just as we had finished preparing, the swimming ladies started arriving. The morning before, we had figured the best plan was for me to swim the water photographing from depth with the waterproof film camera and for Sam to staycloser to the shore and take photos with his DSLR.

Copyright Luke Evans and Sam Stephenson 2016 - Contenders

The Ladies then left, but we weren't finished yet.
Although we had done what we came to do, we asked ourselves, "Is there something more to true cornishness than a quick early morning swim?". That's when we spotted a gentlemen suspended face up in the surface of the water.

Copyright Luke Evans and Sam Stephenson 2016 - The First

there he was...
and he had a beard... he was perfect.

Copyright Luke Evans and Sam Stephenson 2016 - The One

"He lay there silent, gazing upon the bright impression of the sun's morning light, oblivious to time, and ignorant to the noise of gulls. All that existed was the dull sound of the sea filling his ears, the cold water against his skin, the smell and taste of the salt of the sea, and the great slow dance of light in the morning sky.
That was the true depiction of Cornish life."